KT-Shelter designs, manufactures and delivers large-scale sheltering products and services. With patented innovations KT-Shelter focuses on Mobility, Turn-key services and Extreme durability for Defence, Crisis management and Industrial needs.

The usual for the unusual

We offer turn-key sheltering solutions with lease options that includes logistics, assemble, disassembly and maintenance services.

KT-Shelter has grown from a start-up to a well performing company in a few years. Starting in 2013 we have grown our customer portfolio both domestically and internationally increasing our revenue and profit each year. Customers are noticing our Hangar solutions state-of-the-art technology that few, if anybody, can match. We are increasing our product portfolio and services showing that we can handle large and complex deliveries no matter where in the world. We strive to be a trustworthy partner to our customers and the partners who we work with.

How did we do this? Well, behind success there are always people with different skills and personalities working hard to make it happen for one common goal. A Team. A well performing team is essential, no matter how good the product or service is.

We are committed to provide best solutions for specific needs of your business or project, as well as to serve you through the entire life cycle of the product as a close cooperation partner. If you need specialist services or training concerning the use or maintenance of the product, please contact us by phone or email. We are just a phone call away, at all times of day and night around the year.

Meet our team

Tommi Kasanen


Tommi, the founder of the company. You can feel his pride of the growing company, and we think of all of us. Besides being an inventor who has been looking at the deepest technical aspects of our technology, he has also turned out to be a motivating leader and a business focused strategist.

Kristian Sevéus


Kristian, our Sales Director has been part of the team since the early days. Focusing mainly on sales and business development but does what-ever needed to get us forward and grow. We can safely say he is our ambitious focus-oriented Swede that aims high. As he says: “with hard teamwork, a solid focus and an aim up high, everything is possible.” Well, it certainly looks that way with our growing track-record.

Pekka Vihonen

Director of Product and Development

Pekka, from day one of the company’s history (and well before that) has been developing the highest of quality products. A Finnish engineer at its best. He always seems to have his back pocket full of fresh ideas and new products waiting to be created.

Johan Ingberg


Johan is always crunching numbers, budgets or doing sales. With a history from business consultancy and experience as a controller he is just what a growing company needs. Johan is always positive and always offering a helping hand.

Anni Kasanen

HR Manager

Anni, KT-Shelters Executive Assistance is our well entrusted Team-member who is always ready to help, no matter how hard the task is. Anni is involved in all parts of our daily business from sales to administration and has been keeping the team effective since day one.

Antti Nurmi

Project Manager

Antti, our Project Manager keeps a firm grip on all our deliveries. You can be assured Antti has the customers best interest in mind, seeing to that we deliver on time and on budget without compromising the highest of quality.

Share your challenge and let us solve it for you

KT-shelter offers turn-key, individually designed sheltering solutions with lease options that includes logistics, assemble, disassembly and maintenance services. The shelters withstands extreme weather conditions and can be rapidly deployed, assembled and disassembled without the need for scaffolding or groundwork.