Defence and security

Mobile Aircraft Hangar 


Finnish Defence Forces


Northern Europe


2014– continues

The challenge

The mission was to create a mobile hangar solution for the NH90 helicopter to be used in times of peace and crises, domestically and internationally, where ever needed to support helicopter operations.

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KT-Shelters system has passed Finnish Defence Forces’ strict quality requirements

The system was developed from scratch into prototype into a delivery project for Finnish Defence Forces.

We provided Shelters with containers for military usage, assembly equipment, accessories (i.e. heaters, inner-liners, generators, lights), delivery, assembly services, disassembly services, training services and maintenance services.

KT-Shelter was appointed to this development project, since the product, according to the strict requirements of the FDF, was not available on the international market. Our system is based on three categories of strict requirements of the FDF; Mobility – efficient logistical facility; turn-key solution – the ability to assemble and relocate independently or autonomously with limited staff in any environment; and durability – the ability to stand and cover from extreme weather conditions from the arctic to the desert. 

Since this mission, we have been a regular supplier of the FDF’s missions and operations.

KT-Shelter can be assembled with common hand tools, which is especially important when operating away from the normal bases in temporary locations. In addition to simple assembly also transportation is made easy. The shelter is delivered in shipping containers that can be shipped around the world by land, sea or air. Overall, our experience of KT-Shelter has been only positive.

Finnish Defence Forces

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We offer turn-key, individually designed sheltering solutions with lease options that includes logistics, assemble, disassembly and maintenance services. The shelters withstands extreme weather conditions and can be rapidly deployed, assembled and disassembled without the need for scaffolding or groundwork. Just tell us your needs and we’ll tell you what’s the right solution.