KT-Shelter and the Finnish Defence Forces close a 4 Million Euro deal

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KT-Shelter and the Finnish Defence Forces have agreed on deliveries of mobile weather shelters worth approx. 4 Million Euros during 2018-2019. The fully equipped military grade weather shelters are suitable for e.g. the protection of the currently used Hornet multi-role fighters and NH90 transport helicopters.

The new shelters to be delivered will also be compatible with all of the candidates in the upcoming competitive tendering of future fighters. The Finnish Defence Forces will complete the acquisition of new fighters by 2025 (HX Fighter Programme).

“This deal is naturally an important step in the growth story of our company. I also see it as a very positive feedback from a partner and a customer. They clearly see potential for future use”, says Managing Director Tommi Kasanen. 

Kasanen continues that The Finnish Defence Forces have been actively involved in developing KT-Shelter products, and have been using the shelters for a number of years.

“The mobility, durability in extreme conditions and the optimal life-cycle costs make our products extremely well suited for e.g. crisis management purposes. We expect 2018 to bring us significant growth in sales, specially in the European market. We are preparing a new funding round and recruitment processes”, adds Sales Director Kristian Seveus.

Further information:
Tommi Kasanen, Managing Director, +358 400 720 414